Let’s Vote!

Lamya, Ellen, and Rojeep at a Let’s Vote Training Session in 2018.

Voting is so important in this country (and it’s fun!), but figuring out how to register and how to vote is not always easy.

Golden Door offers voter training sessions to help new American citizens register to vote.  We also assist in looking up polling places, explaining what ID will be needed, and showing people what the ballots will look like and how to fill them in.

If you have questions about voting, please let us know.  You can email us through our contact page. 

2020 Election Information

❗️The Presidential Election is — Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020! We are posting essential voting information, including registration details, primary dates, and more, on our Facebook page. Please check there frequently! Get ready and #LetsVote!

❗️ The Connecticut primary election is on August 11, 2020. (In order to vote in the primaries you must be registered with a party– Democrat or Republican).

Registration Links
Check Your CT Voter Registration
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Voting Information for All States